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AGA Ticket Insurance

You’ve been looking forward to an event – but something unexpected has happened and you can’t go. What now? You’ve already paid for the tickets!

Ticketcover of ticketportal and AGA repays the full costs of the ticket in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g. sickness, injury, or a car accident on the way to the event itself.
Look forward to the event without any nagging worries (fears) – thanks to ticketcover from AGA.

Price per ticket: CHF 3.-. Maximum compensation per ticket: CHF 500. Full information about the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance is available here.

If you don't want to profit of this service please desable the ticket insurance checkbox in the basket.

In the event of a claim, application for benefits must be made in writing to AGA Insurance.

Contact address:

Allianz Global Assistance
Hertistrasse 2
8304 Wallisellen